Qorus and Digital Marketing Content OnDemand ContentMX Integrate to Make Access to Marketing and Sales Content for Microsoft Partners Easier than Ever Before

Qorus and Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC) have partnered to create a single, integrated experience through the Go-To-Market with Microsoft program, which is available to all members of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Qorus is a sales enablement platform that allows partners to quickly find, customize, and share the marketing and sales content and campaigns they regularly create to amplify their marketing presence to prospective clients, track customer engagement with documents, and gain insight into how customers interact with their marketing content and sales proposals.

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DMC acts as a personal digital marketing assistant, enabling partners to build and optimize their digital marketing strategy, while capturing and closing leads through online engagement.

Qorus provides a cloud-based sales productivity software to help partners create customized sales and marketing content up to five times faster by combining partner-ready Microsoft content with the partner’s own brand story. The software helps partners find the right content for every sales situation and put it to work in sales pitches and presentations.

When partners sign in to DMC and Qorus, they can:

  • Access comprehensive digital campaigns that include curated to-customer marketing materials and sales resources in a highly prescriptive format. These include suggested tweets, LinkedIn posts, Facebook statuses, mini-blog posts, and emails.
  • Post this content immediately on their social media accounts, email campaigns, and websites from within the DMC platform.
  • Use the same content to create personalized presentations, ensuring that proposals and quotes reach clients faster.
  • Access content including datasheets, presentations, and emails that can be customized to a prospect’s sales stage to help nurture and convert more leads.
  • Track engagement via smart analytics to see what content prospects spent time on and how this information can be used to shape future sales and marketing decisions.

Ray Meiring, CEO at Qorus, said, “Being part of Go-To-Market with Microsoft has been a wonderful opportunity for Qorus, and we are now thrilled to take our offering one step further through this partnership with ContentMX. Together, we’re working to make sales and marketing even better and easier for Microsoft partners, helping them close more deals faster.”

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Jeff Mesnik, Founder and President of ContentMX, adds, “I’m excited about working with Qorus and how we will not only provide partners with our easy-to-use streaming service, but also give them a great way to help sales teams engage one-to-one with the prospects that our streaming services create.”

Sarah Muckler-Visser, Global Director, Go-To-Market, One Commercial Partner, at Microsoft, explains, “Microsoft is committed to building a best-in-class Go-To-Market program that helps our partners accelerate their time to market, generate leads quickly, and grow their businesses. An important element of the program is providing content and campaigns that partners can use to engage with their prospects at each stage of the sales journey. The Qorus and DMC platforms—together—make it easier for partners to personalize, share, and track content with their customers, allowing them to further their own brands and streamline and accelerate customer interactions. Simply put, DMC helps partners drive demand for their solution and Qorus allows them to nurture those leads.”

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