Microsoft 365 customers rapidly adopting Altitude Networks SaaS platform to secure cloud collaboration

– Companies of all sizes can now protect their cloud collaboration files from risky or accidental sharing driven by data science risk detection

– Simple, secure API integration enables fast customer protection without costly deployments, training or maintenance

– Integrated one-click risk resolution simplifies remediation for one or thousands of files in minutes

Altitude Networks, the leading provider of Cloud DLP for collaboration platforms, announces successful deployments of customers with Microsoft 365 applications, SharePoint, and OneDrive productivity and collaboration tools. Altitude Networks’s DLP cloud has helped customers to protect their sensitive collaboration data from negligent/accidental sharing, malicious insiders and third-party applications.

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Cloud-based collaboration is outside the traditional on-prem DLP security infrastructure and therefore a challenge for IT Security teams. Also, most DLP solutions also require a tremendous investment in time for policy writing, tuning, tagging of data, and management which makes for inconsistency in protection.  This causes cloud-based data collaboration to be inadequately protected from both internal and external threats in a timely manner.   Other Cloud-based solutions do not provide visibility and prioritization of file-based collaboration threats or make it simple for administrators to resolve threats.

Altitude Networks is the only cloud native DLP solution that secures file collaboration by using data science engines to automatically categorize, correlate and prioritize sensitive files. Altitude Networks’ sophisticated engine surfaces sensitive files at risk based on sharing permissions, relationships, and behavior patterns for IT security to remediate.  Remediation is completed with one mouse click from within the dashboard.

“Our customers are realizing immediate value by utilizing the Altitude Networks integration with Microsoft 365.  IT Security teams no longer have to write and iterate security policies in order to surface risks with their cloud collaboration environments,” said Michael Coates, CEO of Altitude Networks. ” With Altitude Networks they are able to instantly see their cloud collaboration and data security risks on Microsoft 365 and remediate them quickly with one-click. Gone are the days of multiple steps to find or resolve a risk or stop data exfiltration.”

“We’ve expanded our Altitude Networks Cloud DLP deployment to protect Microsoft 365-based collaboration in addition to Google Workspace,” said Steve Tran, CISO of MGM Studios.   “Our IT Security Admins are able to see the risks for the two platforms that drive the collaboration and removing them quickly is crucial to our team’s securing the various productions at MGM studios.”

“Before Altitude Networks we had no idea what files were being shared and with whom. Our users didn’t understand the consequences of their actions,” said Bob Lord, CISO of DNC. “Altitude Networks provided us with visibility to help understand how people were working and what they were doing. This enabled us to understand the risks to our security posture and then work with people to help them understand what they were doing was risky and how they should operate. Altitude Networks helped the DNC to improve its security posture while still enabling collaboration with hundreds of people across the US.”

“We worked with Altitude Networks to implement their DLP protection for our file storage environments. Altitude Networks provides us with the visibility that our IT personnel need to quickly understand and remediate file access issues,” said Tim Holmes, Quantumscape. “With zero impact to our users, our IT team is more able to protect our files.”

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