Magasin du Nord Transforms Digital Fulfillment with Tecsys’ Composable Omni Software Platform

Danish luxury retailer elevates order management for a unified, personalized shopping experience across channels.

Tecsys Inc. an industry-leading supply chain management and omnichannel commerce software provider, is delighted to spotlight its recent collaboration with Magasin du Nord, the renowned Danish department store chain. Tecsys’ composable order management software, Omni™ OMS, empowers Magasin du Nord to offer its customers sophisticated multi-channel shopping experiences that seamlessly integrate traditional in-store retail with modern digital interfaces by orchestrating advanced back-end fulfillment operations.

For over 150 years, Magasin du Nord has been serving the Scandinavian market with great attention to detail, curating luxury goods and providing white-glove service to its customer base. To meet the demands of an ever-evolving consumer landscape, the brand chose to harness the modular capabilities of Tecsys’ Omni™ OMS. This investment extends Magasin du Nord’s storied legacy with digital dexterity, enabling customers to transition seamlessly across channels while strengthening their back-end operations for rapid and efficient order execution.

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Johan Ohlstenius, director of IT at Magasin du Nord, articulates, “The retail landscape is shifting, and it’s essential we continue to set a benchmark in our industry. Tecsys’ composable technology has empowered our team to craft and refine sales channels tailored to our clientele’s desires, from locker pickups to click and collect. This flexibility, inherent in the Tecsys platform, grants us the means to mold our technical infrastructure, offering truly individualized shopping encounters for our patrons. Every order, every engagement, every touchpoint now reflects our dedication to delivering unmatched satisfaction.”

Tecsys’ Omni™ OMS gives Magasin du Nord’s customers more flexibility to shop in the manner that suits them best. Its collaboration with Tecsys crystallizes Magasin du Nord’s forward-thinking approach to omnichannel commerce, with noteworthy features such as:

  1. Adaptable Multi-Channel Support: Dynamic expansion of sales channels, integrating options like ship-to-home, click and collect, and locker pickup, while accommodating various languages and currencies.
  2. Intelligent Order Routing: Intelligent algorithms gauge product categories and inventory data, pinpointing the ideal location for fulfilling orders, while simultaneously respecting client fulfillment preferences.
  3. Cost-effective Strategic Routing: Advanced routing rules are tailored to condense shipments, benefiting the consumer and economizing operations.
  4. Real-time Inventory Virtualization: Ability to finetune inventory thresholds by products and sites that broadcast accurate stock availability across sales platforms.

“The successful modernization of logistics IT at Magasin du Nord is a testament to a solid strategic vision executed with technical precision,” remarks Adam Krajewski, vice president of professional services at Tecsys. “By taking advantage of Omni™ OMS’ composability, the team at Magasin du Nord architected benchmark order management capabilities that give them a true competitive edge in a today’s retail ecosystem. We look forward to building on these successes as we deepen our partnership and find new opportunities to set the standard for omnichannel excellence.”

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Martin Wulff, president and managing director at Tecsys Denmark, adds, “Supporting Magasin du Nord, an embodiment of luxury and trailblazing spirit, is a privilege. This is an organization with a long history of delivering extraordinary customer experiences, and we are thrilled to be part of their future plans to build on that pedigree of excellence.”

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