Index Exchange and LiveRamp Partner to Unlock People-Based Marketing Across Open Web

Initial Results Show Daily High of 110 Million User Matches Across 8 Billion Bid Requests

Index Exchange announced early results of its integration with LiveRamp IdentityLink. Just weeks after the global advertising marketplace enabled IdentityLink for IX Wrapper publishers in the US, the company has seen a daily high of 110 million matches to users in LiveRamp’s identity graph. This solution allows demand-side partners (DSPs) to bid, transact, innovate, and provide measurement on a people-based identifier versus ad tech’s typical reliance on brittle cookie-based identifiers. This also enables enhanced consumer privacy features, by simplifying opt-outs with more persistence through people based-identifiers.

The initiative provides a range of benefits for all stakeholders across the digital advertising ecosystem. Marketers will now be able to transact against their own first-party data to reach people-based audiences on the open web, and their DSPs will have the opportunity to frequency cap and advertise across devices on a people-based identifier. Publishers can expect increased spend, bid density and higher CPMs as more marketers leverage this buying framework. Consumers can expect faster load times with reduced browser network calls on publishers that leverage the IX Wrapper due to intelligent caching designs, network-effects enabled by LiveRamp’s participation in the Advertising ID Consortium, as well as cross-device opt-out persistence.

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“As the first exchange to enable IdentityLinks in real-time on bid requests, we’re proud to have shared design and implementation feedback on the IdentityLinks Translator (IDL Translator), facilitating a global rollout of a graph that is a significant step forward in our journey to unlock people-based buying beyond walled garden environments,” said Mike O’Sullivan, VP Product at Index Exchange. “We remain committed to investing in solutions that transform digital advertising for both contributors and consumers, and those that put user privacy and security at the forefront.”

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Currently, publishers using the IX Wrapper can take advantage of the benefits LiveRamp’s IdentityLink provides. LiveRamp recently announced DSPs can receive free, perpetual access to its identity graph via IdentityLink for Real-Time Bidding, increasing the number of platforms which can now transact on people-based media in real time. Additionally, the IX Wrapper makes the encrypted IdentityLink available for all Adapters within the Wrapper.  Adapters that support the IDL Translator can consume an encrypted IDL and append this data to their bid requests.

“The initial results we’ve seen from Index are extremely promising, and we’re excited to see how the results improve even further in the coming months,” said Travis Clinger, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, LiveRamp. “We are eliminating the data loss effect taking place on the page today. There are no hops. We are seeing scale and ease of use, and we’re eager for others to get onboard.”

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